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  • Wi-Fi


    All things Wi-Fi related.

  • App & Designs

    App & Designs

    Did you get an error in the app? Is your design not working as expected? Not to worry, we have you covered!

  • Cannot Start a Print

    Cannot Start a Print

    Having issues before you print? Check here for answers.

  • Trouble During a Print

    Trouble During a Print

    Loud noises? Alignment trouble? Check here for how to handle issues that occur while your print is running.

  • Print Didnt Turn Out

    Print Didnt Turn Out

    Check here if your print results aren't quite what you expected.

  • Glowforge Air Filters

    Glowforge Air Filters

    Setup and troubleshooting guidance for your Glowforge Performance Filter and Personal Filter.

  • Parts


    Step-by-step guides for troubleshooting and replacing Glowforge parts.

  • Getting Support

    Getting Support

    Need more help? Contact our support team!

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