Spare Parts FAQ


How can I order a spare part?

We have a variety of replaceable parts available for purchase in the Glowforge Shop.


A Spare Part I Need Is Out Of Stock

Due to a combination of challenges with inventory due to COVID-19 and unprecedented demand, some parts are subject to stockouts from time to time. 

The Glowforge team works hard to replenish inventory quickly, but we don’t have any information about when parts will be available.

You can sign up to be notified when parts are in stock by clicking the Email Me When Available link on the page for the specific part in our shop.



I just got my spare part, how do I install it?

We have full installation instructions for all of our replaceable parts. Click on the appropriate article below for the part you need to install.

Replace the Black Lid Cable

Replace the White Lid Cable

Replace the Right LED Strip

Replace the Left LED Strip

Replace the Side Belt

Replace the Tension Pulley

Adjust the Side Belt Tension

Replace the Carriage Plate

Replace the Front Carriage Plate V-Wheels

Replace the Carriage Plate Belt

Adjust the Carriage Plate Belt Tension

Replace the Printer Head

Replace the ​Pro Passthrough Flap

Install a New Air Filter Cartridge


The optics in my printer head are stuck/damaged. How do I remove them?

Stuck Printer Head Mirror

Lost Lens Tool

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