Print Settings FAQ


Can I See The Settings Used For Proofgrade Materials?

If you’d like to see the settings we use for a piece of Proofgrade material, here’s how:

  1. Open
  2. Open a design
  3. Choose the material
  4. Click a step in the left-hand column of steps
  5. Choose Cut, Engrave or Score to determine which setting you’d like to see
  6. Then choose Manual and you’ll see the default settings for that operation.

Note: materials vary widely, and the settings we use for Proofgrade material might not be safe or effective for a material with a similar name.

Can You Advise On Settings For Non-Proofgrade Materials? 

With regards to printing on materials provided by other vendors, unfortunately, we cannot provide guidance for settings.

If you want to see if the Glowforge community has suggestions about materials and/or material settings, you can post in the Beyond the Manual section of the Glowforge Community Forum. Note however that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge.

Lastly, if you are considering printing on materials from another source, you'll need to determine if the material is laser compatible. This can be tricky: for example, many plastics look alike, and some plywood is made with glue that isn't laser-compatible. You need to contact the manufacturer, inspect their safety data sheet (SDS), and/or consult an expert to determine if each material is compatible with the CO2 laser inside the Glowforge unit.


What is the difference between all of the different settings options?

Check out our Working With Manual Mode article to learn all about the settings available to you in the Glowforge app. 


How can improve my design files to get the best print results?

Our Optimizing Your Printer: Print Steps, File Settings, & More will walk you through how to simplify strokes, rasterize objects, and use stylized strokes in your design files. It also covers more advanced topics like how to order your print steps.


How can I precisely place or arrange my design?

The Precise Position Tool built into the Glowforge app can help you both place and scale your design elements exactly where and how you need them. Check out these articles for how to achieve the results you're looking for:

Place Designs Precisely
Scale Designs Precisely



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