Replacement Printer FAQ


When you run into trouble with your Glowforge, our support team is there to help get you back up and printing as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that the trouble can’t be fixed remotely, we may need to replace your Glowforge. There are some common questions that come along with this process, which we’ve compiled here. 

How do I pack up my Glowforge to send it back?

Follow the packaging instructions carefully since incorrect packaging of the Glowforge will void the printer’s warranty and make you responsible for repair costs. You will need the original boxes and foam, and the important orange and red bits. If they’re missing, replacements are available at our shop. You do not need to ship back your crumb tray, power cord, exhaust hose, lens tool, or Proofgrade materials. If you’d like to see an example, there is a video that walks you through the steps to pack your Glowforge here


I’m missing the white box handles from my original packaging. Is it okay to ship without them? 

That’s okay! You can just reinforce your box with tape before shipping it.


Where do I get the orange foam piece that fits into the printer head? Can I ship my printer head without it?

I’m afraid we’re not able to replace that piece, but no worries! You can ship without it. Please just make sure your laser head is well cushioned. 


I don’t have the edge protectors; how do I secure the corner pieces?

You don’t need to use the straps and edge protectors—when moving your Glowforge, please follow our packaging instructions and reinforce with packing tape if needed.


I can’t get the straps back on; how do I keep the side slats in place?

You don’t need to use the straps and edge protectors—when moving your Glowforge, please follow our packaging instructions and reinforce with packing tape if needed.


Is the shipment insured? Will I be held responsible if the printer is damaged or lost in shipping?

As long as your Glowforge is boxed in accordance with our packaging instructions, you will not be held responsible if any damage or loss occurs during shipment.


Can I keep some spare parts from my old printer?

You should keep your printer cord, exhaust hose, crumb tray, and lens tool from your original printer to use with your replacement. We’ll need all the other parts back. We do sell spare parts in our shop, and our support team is happy to help you purchase any additional parts that aren’t currently available for sale there.


Will I get a new warranty with a refurbished replacement?

Your replacement printer will be covered for any time remaining on your original manufacturer’s warranty, as well as your extended warranty. If your warranty coverage period has expired, the replacement will not come with a new warranty, but it will be covered by a 90-day guarantee.


What if there is a problem with my replacement printer when I receive it? 

Every refurbished replacement printer is covered by a 90-day guarantee. This will give you time to make sure everything is working perfectly for you. However, if something else goes wrong for you in the future, we are always here to help find solutions and we will keep in mind the trouble that you've had so far.


I’m concerned about receiving a replacement refurbished printer. How can I be sure of the quality? 

Our team of experienced and highly-qualified technicians pore over each lightly-used printer we receive to refurbish. Along with addressing any specific repairs, these units have been put through exhaustive tests to ensure that they meet our quality standards and will perform properly for you.


Does the replacement refurbished printer have any revisions or differences in parts, features, or behavior from the model I already own?

Based on the age of your original printer some small parts such as pulleys and wheels may look a little different (different color, different material), and the lid glass may have a different cosmetic finish, but functionally the same parts, features, and behavior can be expected.


Why can’t my printer be repaired instead of replaced? 

We offered a repair option previously, and found that the average turnaround for a printer to be repaired and returned was 6-8 weeks. On average, a replacement printer can be sent within 5-10 days. We’re expanding to an upgraded repair facility, but it will take us some time before we’re ready to offer a repair option again. Right now, sending a replacement is a much faster way to get you back up and printing again!


Will I have to pay duties again on my replacement?

If you’re still in the same country where you purchased your Glowforge, we’re got your covered. You paid for duties and tax already. For your replacement,, we arrange the paperwork so you won't have to pay anything further because your customs department will see that you've already paid the taxes. 

In some cases, despite our best efforts to prevent it from happening, the shipping company could still request that you pay import fees. If this happens, please just let us know and we'll take care of it. 

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