Make Your Presents Pop using Text Styles in Premium Creative Tools

A completed, laser cut & engraved gift tag on a present

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to add an extra special touch to your holidays with custom gift tags! We’ll use the graphics library, outline tool, and the brand-new Text Styles feature in Premium Creative Tools. 

With the workspace in the Glowforge open for a new blank design, you’re ready to follow along.

Add artwork

A screenshot showing using the + button and search feature to select clipart of a wreath in the Glowforge App

First we'll add some artwork. For this design, we’ll build our gift tag around a picture of a wreath. 

  1. Click Import Artwork, and then search for "wreath."
  2. Find the wreath in the image above and click it.

Besides browsing the featured artwork, you can also search from more than two million images, upload your own designs, or trace hand-drawn artwork. You can also follow along with these steps to create your own design from scratch.

Add the hole

Screenshot sequence of creating a circle and arranging it in the Glowforge App

Next, we'll add the hole for tying the tag to your present.

  1. Click Insert Shape.
  2. Click the Circle. You’ll use the circle as the hole for your tag.
  3. Resize the circle so that it fits inside the hole at the top of the wreath.
    Note: Adding the circle to the design tells Glowforge to cut out the hole rather than just engraving the circle in the wreath design.

Tips: To make it easier to line things up, you can zoom in with the + button at the top left. And you can use the arrow keys to precisely position objects.

Add text

Screenshot of using the curved text feature in the Glowforge App

Next, we’ll add the customized text for your gift tag and apply one of the fun, new text styles.   

  1. On the top menu bar, click Insert text.

  2. In the text box, type the name of the lucky recipient.

  3. Select the font you want from the dropdown menu. For this project, we used the font Caveat in the Handwritten collection.

  4. To add some extra pizazz, click the Style menu, and then select a style that curves the top of the text like Gentle Bottom Arc or Medium Top Scoop

Arrange your design elements

Screenshot sequence of using the outline tool in the Glowforge App to create an outline around selected artwork

Now, let’s arrange and resize everything. 

  1. Select the wreath and its hole and resize to whatever size works for your gift and design. This design is about 2in/50mm wide.

    Tip: To get the approximate width, you can use the onscreen rulers. Or for exact measurements, click the ruler button at the bottom left of the workspace.

  2. Resize and position your text underneath the wreath.
  3. To create an outline around your art and text elements, click and drag a selection box around your design. On the right toolbar, click Create Outline, and then click Create New Outline
  4. Drag the Adjust Outline slider to adjust the outline to your taste. We liked .15in/4mm. 

Tip: If you’re printing on clear acrylic, you can make a cool back-engraved effect that will have a smooth front finish and catch the light. Select your whole design and then on the right toolbar, click Flip horizontal. This makes your design a mirror image so that when you print, the engraving is on the back, and the front is smooth.

Check settings

Screenshot of print settings area in the left-hand side of the Glowforge App workspace

Finally, we'll make sure your Glowforge knows what to do with each of the shapes in your design.

  1. Place a piece of Proofgrade® material in your print bed. If not using Proofgrade, click the materials menu in the upper left and select your material.
  2. Make sure the hole and outline are set to Cut.
  3. Make sure your artwork and text are set to Engrave.
  4. If everything looks good, it's time to print! Click PRINT in the upper right corner.
  5. When you’re ready, press the glowing button on your Glowforge.

Congrats! In just a few moments, you'll have a beautiful, custom gift tag! Once you’ve made one for everyone on your list, you can use the same techniques to make custom hanging ornaments, too!

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