Replace the ​Pro Passthrough Flap

Glowforge Pro

The Pro Passthrough flap is a flexible piece of rubber attached to the front door of your Glowforge Pro. It helps stabilize material inserted into the passthrough slot. 

You'll need to replace the flap if it develops any tears or damage, or if it gets permanently bent upward and doesn't hug the material anymore. If you think need a new Pro Passthrough flap, please reach out to our support team.

Follow these instructions to replace the Pro Passthrough flap.

Before you get started

  • You’ll need a new Pro Passthrough flap and a T10 (Torx) screwdriver.
  • Please read all of the instructions before you begin.

Replace the Pro Passthrough Flap 

  1. Turn off your Glowforge.

  2. Open the lid and lower the door.

  3. If the front Pro shield is installed, unscrew and remove it. Be sure to save the screws

  4. Remove the six screws on the white Pro flap with the T10 screwdriver. Save these screws too.

  5. Line up the new flap with the screw holes. The flat side should be against the door. 
    The front door of the Glowforge open, with the Pro Passthrough flap installed
    Image: Top-down view of Pro flap (Pro shield removed). 

  6. Replace the six screws with the T10 screwdriver, so the flap looks like the picture above.
    Note: The two smaller empty holes are for the Pro shield. 

  7. If needed, install the front Pro shield. (Remember, you need to remove both front and back Pro shields before you make a passthrough print.) 

If you have any trouble or more questions, please contact our team and we'll be happy to help!

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