Reduce Odors


The Glowforge Air Air Filter is designed to allow you to safely and comfortably operate your Glowforge printer indoors.  It will dramatically reduce odors, smoke, and fumes to safe levels. You should smell little to no odor coming from the exhaust vents of the Glowforge Air Filter itself.  

Even when used properly, odors may still occur from the following:

  • Opening the lid after a print.  Tiny amounts of smoke and fumes remain trapped in the crumb tray, and will escape when the lid is opened and the material is removed. This can be reduced by leaving the material in the Glowforge for a minute or two before removal.

  • The materials themselves.  After printing, the materials may have an odor for as long as a day or two.  This can be minimized by using Proofgrade material, removing and disposing of the protective coating (which has the bulk of the odor), and by setting the materials aside for a day. 

  • The Glowforge itself.  After being used for many hours, tiny particles of dust and resin will accumulate on the Glowforge itself.  To minimize the odor, keep the lid closed when not in use, clean according to the Glowforge printer user manual, and leave the Glowforge connected to the Glowforge Air Filter when not in use.
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