Best Practices for Using Your Glowforge Performance Filter

Glowforge Basic/Plus/Pro


To keep your Glowforge Performance Filter in peak working condition, you should follow these steps every time you print. 

Choose your materials

Your Performance Filter has been tested with all Proofgrade® materials and is designed to work with all laser-compatible materials. However, some materials, like Proofgrade Draftboard or MDF, will cause your filter cartridge to fill up and require replacement much more quickly.

Turn on your Performance Filter

Use the switch next to the power cord to turn on your Performance Filter before each print.  

Run your print

Ensure that you use laser-compatible materials, like Proofgrade hardwood, plywood, and acrylic.  Different materials will fill the filter cartridge at different rates.  MDF and Proofgrade Draftboard are not recommended, as they will cause the filter cartridge to fill quickly.

When your print is done, leave your Performance Filter running

Running air through your Performance Filter will prolong cartridge life. For best results, leave it running one minute for each minute that you print. For example, when you finish two 30-minute prints, leave it running for an hour after they finish.  

Turn off your Performance Filter

When you’re done, use the switch next to the power cable to turn off the Performance Filter.  

Materials will have an odor after printing. Leaving the materials in your Glowforge longer while the Performance Filter is running can reduce the odor.

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