Connect Your Glowforge Air Filter


Gather the exhaust hose and two ring clamps that came with your Glowforge Printer.  (If you want a new one, you can purchase it in the Glowforge shop.)


Your Glowforge printer came with an accessory pack that includes the exhaust hose and two ring clamps (shown on the left side)

If you are using the exhaust hose to vent to the outside, you may reuse the hose, and you may skip this step since the hose is already connected to your Glowforge.  

Squeeze the two ends of the ring clamp together to make it larger, then slide the end over the hose.

While squeezing the ring clamp again, slide the hose and the clamp over the exhaust connection on the back of your Glowforge printer. The clamp pressure will hold it in place. 

Let go. Check that the clamp is holding the exhaust hose tightly to the exhaust connection.  Make sure the hose does not come off with a gentle tug. 


Connect Hose to Glowforge Air Filter

Put the other clamp around the other end of the hose. Repeat the procedure above to attach the exhaust hose to the top of the Glowforge Air Filter with the ring clamp.

Keep the hose as straight as you can, with no more than three turns of 90 degrees or less. Make sure the hose isn’t twisted, pinched, kinked, punctured, or flattened. If there is extra hose, do not let it sag; wrap it tightly with duct tape to keep the hose length as short as possible.



 Connect to electrical power 

Verify that the power switch is “Off” (the 0 side depressed, as shown). 

Verify the filter is installed and the lid is firmly closed.

Plug the power cord into the back of the Glowforge Air Filter, then plug the power cord into the electrical socket.  A standard grounded household socket works well.  


Enable the Glowforge Air Filter in the Glowforge UI

  1. Go to and sign in, if needed. 

  2. On the Dashboard, click Create, and then click New blank design.


  3. On the top menu bar, click the 3 dot More menu, and then Click the gear icon, and then turn on the Glowforge air filter attached option.


The fans on your printer will now run slower to match the speed of the internal fans of the air filter.   


Turn your Glowforge Air Filter dial to the right setting 

The dial on the Glowforge Air Filter controls the power to the fan.  When it is too high or too low, your Glowforge Air Filter will not work properly.

When you first use your Glowforge Air Filter, turn it to NEW.  The fan will use its lowest power setting, which is the best setting for a new filter.  Do not use a higher setting, as more power will move air too quickly, and smoke and fumes may not be completely removed.

After you have used the filter for a while, the filter cartridge will start to fill.  More power will be required to move the air through the Glowforge Air Filter, and the NEW setting will no longer reduce smoke and fumes.  If you see smoke and fumes on the lowest setting, use the middle setting, halfway between NEW and FULL.  

Finally, when the filter cartridge is almost full, it will again stop reducing smoke and fumes, and more power will be required to fully eliminate smoke and fumes. When that happens, turn the dial to FULL.


The bottom setting is off; the dial turns clockwise.


To begin, set your Glowforge Air Filter dial to NEW.  Your Glowforge Air Filter is now ready for use, with the fan off.

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