Unbox your Glowforge Air Filter


Your Glowforge Air Filter must be on a flat surface, like the floor. It needs to be positioned so that the 8-foot exhaust hose can connect to the back of your Glowforge while making no more than three 90-degree bends.

Your Glowforge Air Filter blows air out, so ensure that there are no obstructions within two inches of the vents on either side. 


Vents are on two opposite sides


Unseal your Glowforge Air Filter box

Carefully cut tape sealing the top of your Glowforge Air Filter box and open it. Remove the power cord and the top piece of foam.



Remove the Glowforge Air Filter

The Glowforge Air Filter is heavy, so have a friend help you.  Grasp the two handles on top of the Glowforge Air Filter through the clear plastic bag and lift the filter out of the box.  Place it on the floor.



Remove the bag

Lift the clear plastic bag over the top of the filter to remove it.  


Save the packaging material including the box, foam, and bags

If you need to move your Glowforge Air Filter (for example, to ship it back for warranty service) you’ll need all the original packing materials. The Glowforge Air Filter cannot be shipped safely without the original packaging materials.

Glowforge Air filter front view, showing dial



Glowforge Air filter back view, showing power switch, plug connection, and label



Glowforge Air Filter top view with lid removed, showing Filter Cartridge. Filter Cartridge is pre-installed.

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