Add Text to Your Design using Glowforge Premium

With Glowforge Premium, you have access to over 900 professional fonts. With all those choices, you can easily personalize your designs and projects with the perfect font, whether it’s a project for work or for your niece’s birthday.

Read on to learn how to add and customize text in your design. 

Inserting text

    1. With your design open in the workspace, on the top menu bar, click Insert text. Screenshot of the insert text button in the Glowforge App
    1. In the box that appears, type your text.
      Screenshot of a text box in the Glowforge App

Select your font

    1. To choose from all of the available fonts, click the Typeface drop-down menu.

      Screenshot from the Glowforge App showing the typeface menu

    2. In the text options window, we’ve made it easy to find the font you want from more than 900 options. 
      • On the left, select from curated lists of fonts by different categories like Big & Bold, Whimsical, Kids Room, Great for Lasers, and more. 
      • If you know the name of the font you want, you can search for it, or click All fonts, and then click a letter in the alphabet and select from the list.
      • At the bottom of the window, you can narrow the options by font weight, and make the fonts italic by turning on the Italic option.
      • On the right, view the text previews to make sure you’ll get the exact look you want.  Screenshot of the font preview area of the Glowforge App
      • After you’ve selected your font, click Close.

Exploring text styles

Once you’ve selected a font, that’s only the beginning. Before you finalize your design, explore all the options to see how you can create a unique text design that’s a perfect match for your message.  

Customize font

You can change the font size, the weight (thickness) of the text, spacing between the letters, make it italic, and set the alignment.

Screenshot showing options to adjust the font size, alignment spacing and weight in the Glowforge App

Add Style 

When you’ve played with all those, there’s still more. Click Style, and check out all the ways you can arc, skew, taper, wave, scoop, bump, and even circle your text. 

Screenshot showing the style button in the Glowforge App

Screenshot showing style previews in the Glowforge App


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