Handle Locks - Remove and Replace


Selected Glowforge printer packages come with white handle locks. Instructions for how to remove and replace the handles follow. If you're moving your Glowforge and can't find the handles, you can tape over the holes instead. 


Open Handle Locks

We’ve designed the packaging to make it easy to get your Glowforge out.

  1. Identify Handle Locks

    Your Glowforge box is locked tightly by 4 handle locks on the bottom of your box. (If your box doesn’t have them, skip this page!)

  2. Unlock the 4 Handle Locks

    Hold the white tab on the right side of each white box handle.

  3. Open the Handle Locks

    Pull each white tab from right to left, opening the handle like a door.

  4. Remove the Handle Locks

    Gently pull the frame of the white handle to remove it from the box.

  5. Keep all 4 Handle Locks

    These lock the Glowforge box together and are required for proper shipping of your Glowforge unit.

  6. Continue unboxing your Glowforge!

Replace Handle Locks

  1. Prepare to place the handle locks

    After following the packaging instructions, gather your 4 white handle locks

  2. Unlock All Four Handle Locks and Place in Position

    Use the pull tab to open the handles. Position the two back flaps so they face directly inside the box.

    V1 Handle lock install

  3. Insert Handle Locks

    Insert all four handle locks so they sit flush against the outer box. Use your finger to gently lock the inner tabs down and up into their final position.

    V1 Secure Handle lock tabs

  4. Lock the Handle Locks In Place

    Close the securing handle door and press to ensure it is locked in place. Your packaging is now locked together and ready to travel.

    V1 Lock handle lock

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