Repairs for Modified Glowforge Products

At Glowforge, we prioritize building products that are safe, reliable, quality products our customers expect and deserve. We work really hard to make sure that you’re going to have a wonderful time creating amazing things on your Glowforge.

Most of our customers will enjoy their Glowforge 3D Laser Printer just the way we made it. We’ve heard from a few customers, though, that they are highly versed in mechanical, electrical, exhaust, and laser matters, and confident that they can safely modify and use their Glowforge, including adhering to all pertinent product and laser safety considerations.

Here we want to identify the impact on warranty coverage and authorized repairs, should someone decide they possess the technical and safety expertise to modify their Glowforge product.

To ensure its safety, longevity, and proper operation, do not modify your Glowforge product.

Product modification can expose the user to the risk of serious injury or even death. It can cause the product to break or to not perform as designed. You should not modify your Glowforge product.

Modifications Void Warranty

We cannot ensure the safety and reliability of a user-modified product. For that reason, modifications to a Glowforge product void the Limited Warranty that comes with it.

That means if you modify your Glowforge, it will no longer be eligible for any applicable free shipping under the warranty, nor will repairs of any kind be paid for by Glowforge.

Here’s the key phrase from the warranty:

Modification of the hardware or accessories, including but not limited to replacing parts, making permanent cosmetic changes to the machine, replacing the software or firmware, or other unauthorized changes voids this Limited Warranty.

Support for Modified Glowforge Products

If you need technical support for a modified Glowforge product, please contact our team for assistance.

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