Scale Designs Precisely


Use the Precise Position Tool to Scale Your Designs

Here’s how to scale your artwork so that it’s the right size.

  1. Sign in and open a design

  2. Click on an element of your design and the Precision Position tool will appear.

  3. Choose what part of your artwork you want to remain in the same spot, and use the tic-tac-toe board to indicate the center, a particular edge or corner of your selection.

Tic Tac Toe Buttons

  1. Enter an W or H value next to Scale and then click outside of the Precision Position tool to make the change. By default, the width and height change together. Click the link icon to make it stretch instead.

On the left, the butterfly was resized with the link icon selected, and on the right, it was clicked off to make it stretch.

Scaling Example

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