Printing on your Glowforge Pro

“Glowforge Glowforge Pro


Laser Safety

Be sure to review Laser Safety before operating your Glowforge Pro.

Moving Material Through the Passthrough Slot

  • Your material must move from back to front.
  • If your material is long enough to stick out either end, make sure that you support it so that it the part inside your Glowforge stays flat on the crumb tray.
  • If you’ve made a lot of cuts, it can help to open the lid and remove the pieces before you slide your material along. (A little tape can work wonders here to remove pieces that are otherwise hard to pick up.)
  • When you’re moving your material, it’s ok to pull or push it from the back, and you can pull hard if you need to!
  • As you slide your material, you may need to adjust your supports – make sure that your material continues to lay flat on the crumb tray.

Glowforge Pro with material inserted through the Pro Passthrough slot

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