Engrave and Cut Out a Photo


Make a Photo Print

Here’s a speedy look at how to print and cut out a photo.

For a detailed tutorial showing how to prepare and print a file, see Print 3: Make a Gift Tag from Scratch.

For a detailed tutorials showing how to prepare a photo for printing, see these tutorials for Photoshop and Gimp.

  1. Make your image black and white, increase the contrast, and sharpen it. Save your file as JPG, PNG, SVG, or PDF.
  2. Select “Upload” and upload your photo to the app.
    Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.54.00 PM
  3. Click “Add Artwork”, then “Upload” and choose a file with a cut shape.
  4. Click and drag your Cut Shape to place it over your photo.
  5. Click either your photo or your outline, then drag the corners to resize.
  6. If you want your photo to look extra excellent (and have your print take longer) click the square on the left that shows the photo on the left and choose HD Graphic under Proofgrade Engrave.
  7. Drag your artwork where you want it on your material. Leave a little room between your artwork and the edge.
  8. Click “Print,” then press the button when it flashes.
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