Shortcut Keys


Useful Keystrokes


Function Windows Mac
Darken Control-Up Arrow Command-Up Arrow
Lighten Control-Down Arrow Command-Down Arrow
Remove small details     Control-Shift-Up Arrow Command-Shift-Up Arrow
Restore small details Control-Shift-Down Arrow     Command-Shift-Down Arrow


Arrange a Print

Function Windows Mac
Copy, Paste Control-C, Control-V            Command-C, Command-V
Undo Control-Z Command-Z
Zoom in and out             Control+, Control- Command+, Command-


Function Windows or Mac
Resize Click artwork, drag side or corner
Rotate Click artwork, grab and drag handle
Rotate in 45 degrees     Hold shift key while rotating
Pan Click artwork, hold space bar, drag artwork
Delete artwork Click artwork, delete key
Little nudge Click artwork, use arrow key
Big nudge Click artwork, hold shift and click arrow key