Stop Using Your Glowforge Unit If...


If any of the following occur, immediately turn off the power switch, unplug the unit, and contact Do not use your Glowforge unit again until the issue has been addressed by support.

  • The default settings for a piece of Proofgrade™ material do not cut through the material even after cleaning the lens and windows
  • There is a fire in the unit which persists after the laser turns off
  • The head stops moving but the laser is on
  • The unit’s button turns any color other than white, yellow, or teal
  • You see any damage or discoloration to the case
  • There are any cracks or chips in the glass tube or lid
  • You see any moisture present inside the Glowforge unit
  • You see any damage to the interior components of the Glowforge unit
  • You notice unusual light coming from the unit that was not occurring previously.
  • You notice an unusual sound coming from the unit that was not occurring previously

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