1: Gift of Good Measure


Measure this moment

We want you printing beautiful things as fast as possible, so we set you up with a precise tool to put on your keychain or hand out to friends. Make it in metric or imperial!

  1. Sign In

    Go to https://app.glowforge.com and sign in.

  2. Hover over the design titled "Gift of Good Measure Keychain" and click "Open"

  3. Place Your Material

    Open the lid of your Glowforge. Choose a piece of medium Proofgrade™ Draftboard and place it in the center of the bed. Make sure the barcode is clearly visible on the material. Close the lid completely.

  4. Drag Your Design Into Place

    You will see an image of your material in the Workspace. Click and drag the design onto your piece of Draftboard. It will print approximately where you place the outline. A flame-up is more likely when you cut along the edge of the material, so don’t put it right on the edge.

  5. Time to Print

    Looking good! When you’re happy with the placement of your design on your material, click “Print” in the upper right-hand corner of the Workspace. The printer head will scan the material for a precise laser focus and the Print Window will open. You’ll see the time your design will take to print, and the button on your Glowforge will begin blinking.

  6. Laser!

    And now, the laser! Press the blinking button on your Glowforge. It’s important that you keep watch on your Glowforge while it is printing – luckily, it’s really fun to watch a laser in action.

  7. Need to Walk Away?

    If you need to walk away, you can press the white button to pause any time a print is happening. To resume, just press the button again and the print will continue. We take care of all the magic so that there’s no visible interruption. Opening the lid or clicking “Cancel” will cancel the print (so it cannot be restarted). Remember not to leave your Glowforge unattended while it is printing.

  8. Reveal your Gift of Good Measure

    When the laser finishes, the fans will continue to whisk away the last wisps of exhaust for a few moments. Wait for the fans to stop, then remove your print. Peel away the protective layer (duct tape can make this easier!) to reveal the engraved material underneath.

    Put your keychain through the hole and never lack for measurement again!