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You set up your Glowforge! Now what?

We’ve put together four easy designs that will introduce you to a range of essential Glowforge techniques. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll have the building blocks for years of creative printing.

Learn Glowforge basics in four easy prints

Make these four prints and you’ll learn the basics of creating and printing with your Glowforge. Try them in order and see just how easy and fun it is!

  • Print a catalog design - When you sign in to, and go to the Dashboard, you’ll see that we’ve started you off with a few of our favorite designs. You can find more at
  • Trace and print a sketch - Drawings or printed images can transform into digital designs that you can print on dozens of materials.
  • Print a design from scratch - You can use shapes, text, and millions of graphics to create your own original designs. These creative tools are part of the free Glowforge Premium trial included with the purchase of your Glowforge.
  • Print a design you’ve uploaded - After your first prints, you may want to create a design of your own using third-party design software, or purchase a design from other makers. This article shows you how to print those designs.

Continue learning and creating

When you’ve completed these four prints, you’ll have taken a tour of the essential workings of your Glowforge – but that’s just the beginning. The possibilities are endless, and every single day we see something we’ve never seen made on Glowforge before, made by people just like you.

We’ve included a few more articles to the left that’ll help you get the most out of your Glowforge. To keep learning more, as you complete one topic and activity, just click Next at the bottom of the article and continue on.

We’d love to see what you bring to life with your Glowforge. Just share on social and tag with #glowforge.

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