About Autofocus

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Your Glowforge measures the height of your material at the center of your design to determine where to focus the laser. If you don't use Set Focus, it will do this automatically before each print. 

After you push the "Print" button in Glowforge Print, you'll see the head of your Glowforge move. If you're looking closely, you'll see a dot of red light appear on your material underneath the head. That dot of light is your Glowforge measuring the material. 

If it can’t measure accurately during this process, also known as Autofocus, it will use the thickness of the material you selected in Glowforge Print to focus instead.

More accurate Autofocus results mean better prints. Here are some tips:

  • Use Proofgrade® materials
  • Try using Set Focus
  • Use material with a light, matte surface; black, reflective, or transparent materials may not focus properly
  • Apply masking tape to the material to ensure a light, matte surface
  • Ensure the red dot lands on the material - if it does not (for instance, if it lands on the cutting tray, or your crumb tray grate) the measurement will be inaccurate

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