Design Text is not Showing

Text is not showing

If you uploaded your file and saw an alert saying “We can’t process text (yet!),” that means that the text in your design file couldn’t be processed. As a result, the text was removed. That’s because the Glowforge App doesn’t have the same font as your software. The solution is simple: convert the letters from fonts into shapes that can have a stroke or a fill.

  1. Convert your text

    • Open your file in your design software (if you don’t have design software, we recommend Inkscape)
    • Convert your text. Once you’ve done this, you won’t be able to edit your text any more.
      • In Inkscape, click and drag inside your text box to select all of your text, then choose Path > Object to Path
      • In Adobe Illustrator, select your text, then choose Type > Create Outlines

  2. Assign a fill or stroke to your text

    Designing in software like Inkscape or Illustrator starts with two simple ideas: a stroke (which is an outline) and a fill (which is a filled-in shape). When you upload your file to the Glowforge App, strokes become cuts and fills become engraves.

    • To engrave, select your text, set a color for the fill, and choose “none” for the stroke
    • To cut, select your text, set a color for the stroke and choose “none” for the fill

  3. Save your file and upload it again

    • Save your updated design as an SVG
    • Return to the Glowforge App ( and upload your new file

Need help with uploading your file?

If your file still has trouble uploading, please do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the button that says “Link."
  3. Copy the highlighted link.
  4. Contact Glowforge Support with the link.
  5. Attach your file to your email.

This will help us understand your situation better so we can work on it for you.

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