Cleaning Your Air Assist Fan (Aura)

Glowforge Aura Aura


Your Glowforge Aura has a small fan on top of the laser head. This fan spins while the printer is running and helps to keep the laser head cool during operation. If there is too much build-up of dust or effluent on the fan, this could cause the fan not to reach full speed. If this happens, you may see an error when trying to print. 

Follow these steps to keep your Glowforge Aura Air Assist fan clean.

Always turn your Glowforge Aura off by disconnecting from power at the outlet before cleaning.

  1. First, disconnect your Glowforge Aura from power.

  2. Lift the laser head, separating it from the magnetic dock. 

  3. Grasp the black connector at the back of the laser head. Pull back on the connector to unplug it. 

  4. Clean the fan blades with isopropyl alcohol (we recommend 90% or higher) on Q-tips, in the area shown below.

  5. Once the fan blades are clean, you can blow out the fan with some compressed air.

    While blowing out the fan, make sure to only use the compressed air from the top of the laser head and place your fingertip in the side to keep the fan from spinning.  This will prevent any loose debris from falling into the laser head.

  6. Carefully plug the cable back into the laser head. Take care not to twist the cable. Once plugged in, it's normal for the cable connector to be able to move back and forth just a bit.

  7. Place the Laser Head back on the magnetic dock. It should snap into place.

  8. Connect your Aura to power. 


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