Replace the Glowforge Aura Body

Glowforge Aura

Follow these steps to get back to printing with your new Glowforge Aura body. You can purchase a replacement Aura body in our Shop here. The Aura body does not include a laser head, cutting tray, power cord, or exhaust hose.

Caution: Never connect or disconnect the laser head while your Glowforge Aura is plugged in. 

  1. Disconnect from power

    Disconnect your Glowforge Aura from power by unplugging the power cord from the back. If you’re using a Glowforge Personal Filter, also disconnect it from power.

    action shot - pluggin Aura into power.jpgScreenshot 2023-07-28 at 9.05.46 AM.png

  2. Remove the cutting tray from your Glowforge Aura, and set it aside

    Placing cut tray into Aura.jpg

  3. Detach the hose from the exhaust port at the back of your Glowforge Aura

    Connecting hose to back of Aura.jpg

  4. Disconnect the laser head

    Holding on to the laser arm end caps, move the laser arm to the center of the bed.

    Gently push the laser head to the center of the rails.

    With one hand, hold onto the laser head. With the other hand, grasp the black connector at the back of the laser head. Pull back on the connector to unplug it.

    Aura FRU Parts Replacement2697 1.jpg

    Lift the laser head from the magnetic dock, and set it aside in a safe location while you set up your new Aura body.

  5. Unbox your Aura body

    Gently place the box on the floor or large flat surface. Open it.

    Using two hands, remove the top foam piece from the box.

    Lift the printer body out of the box and place it on your stable surface. Remove the clear plastic bag.

    Open the lid. Remove the bottom cardboard insert.

    Aura FRU Parts Replacement2653 1.jpg

    In the top cardboard insert, find the laser head cable in a foam cube. Remove the top cardboard insert with one hand. Taking care not to twist the cable, pull it from the foam cube with the other hand.

    Aura FRU Parts Replacement2681 1.jpg

    Let the laser head cable rest on the bed of the printer for now.

  6. Install your laser head

    Set your laser head on the dock with the laser ribbon cable port at the back and the Glowforge logo reading left to right. You’ll feel it magnetically snap into place.

    Aura FRU Parts Replacement2688 1.jpg

    With one hand, hold onto the laser head. With the other hand, plug the laser ribbon cable into the laser head. Again, take care not to twist the cable.

    Aura FRU Parts Replacement2697 1.jpg

  7. Prepare the laser arm

    You may find some foam pieces tucked under the rails on the left and right side. Gently remove them by pulling out, then up, and store them with your other packaging.

    Place your hands on the black end caps on either side of the laser arm. Gently pull the laser arm all the way to the front. Apply a bit of pressure to make sure both end caps are flush with the front. If the laser arm was skewed at all, you’ll feel it snap into place.

    Action shot; holding the end caps, with the laser arm pulled to the back of the side rails.jpg

    Now, still holding on to the end caps, gently push the laser arm all the way to the back. Again, apply some pressure to make sure both end caps are flush with the back.

    Action shot; holding the end caps, with the laser arm pulled to the back of the side rails (1).jpg

  8. Slide your cutting tray into your Aura

    The handles on the left and right sides will slide into the notches on either side of your printer. You should have a snug fit.

    Placing cut tray into Aura.jpg

  9. Attach your exhaust hose

    Slide the rubber ring over the lip that extends over the exhaust area. Push it on as far as it will go. It should be a snug fit all around, and should not come off with a gentle tug.

    Connecting hose to back of Aura.jpg

  10. Just a few steps to go! Your printer should look like this

    Head and cut tray in place _ Overhead.jpg

  11. Close the lid on your Glowforge Aura, and plug it in.

  12. Sign in and Connect to Wi-Fi

    Navigate to to finish setting up your Aura.

    Depending on your computer and browser, you may be prompted to download the Glowforge Setup app. If prompted, download and install it (this should take less than a minute). Open the Glowforge Wifi Setup app and log in with your Glowforge account email address and password.

    Follow the steps onscreen to get connected.

    When you connect successfully, the laser head will center and begin its calibration process before completing and moving back to the printer’s back left corner.

    Your new Glowforge Aura body may need to download and apply some updates after connecting for the first time, so you can go ahead and move to the next step while that’s happening

  13. Connect your Glowforge Personal Filter to power

    If you’re using a Glowforge Personal Filter, connect it to power. As soon as it is plugged in, it will begin searching for your Glowforge Aura. The button on the front of your Personal Filter is a status indicator. It will glow teal until the Personal Filter pairs with your Glowforge Aura. You may hear the filter “spin up” briefly during the pairing process, as well. When pairing is complete, the button will turn off.

  14. Check the App

    To verify that your Glowforge Personal Filter is paired and ready to filter, you can check the App.

    In your web browser, navigate to and sign in.

    Then, click on your Glowforge Aura printer icon in the upper right corner.

    When your Personal Filter is paired to your Glowforge Aura, you’ll see a “+ Air Filter” along with your Glowforge Aura.

    Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.50.51 PM.png

  15. Run Printer Head Setup

    To complete the laser head installation, you must run Printer Head Setup within the Glowforge App. Follow the instructions at the link. You'll need about 10 minutes, and one new sheet of white 20 lb. copy paper (standard home printer paper).

    Note: To make sure the laser head is properly aligned, run Printer Head Setup every time you change out the printer head.

That’s it! You’re ready to get printing! If you run into trouble or have any questions, please contact our team and we'll be happy to help!

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