Pairing your Glowforge Personal Filter and Glowforge Aura Printer

Glowforge Aura


  1. Connect your Glowforge Aura to Power

    If you haven’t yet set up your Glowforge Aura, do that now.

    Unplug your Glowforge Aura and plug it back in so it is ready to find and pair with your Glowforge Personal Filter.

  2. Connect your Glowforge Personal Filter to Power

    Plug the power cord into the back of the Glowforge Personal Filter. Then plug the power cord into a  standard grounded household socket.

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  3. Wait for wireless pairing

    As soon as your Glowforge Personal Filter is plugged in, it will begin searching for your Glowforge Aura. The button on the front of your Personal Filter is a status indicator. It will blink blue for a few seconds when the Personal Filter is pairing with your Glowforge Aura.  When pairing is complete, it will turn off.

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  4. Check the App

    In your web browser, navigate to and sign in.

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    Click on your Glowforge Aura printer icon in the upper right corner.

    Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.50.38 PM.png

    When your Personal Filter is paired to your Glowforge Aura, you’ll see a “+ Air Filter” along with your Glowforge Aura.

    Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 2.50.51 PM.png

  5. Get Your Updates

    After your Personal Filter pairs wirelessly to your Glowforge Aura, it needs to update to the latest firmware. This update will be applied automatically and should only take a few minutes.

    While paired, your Glowforge Aura and Personal Filter will communicate to run the fans whenever you print. The fan speed will be automatically set by the filter to match the fullness of the cartridge, and the material being cut.

  6. Print Amazing Things!

    After you’ve paired your Glowforge Personal Filter, perform the following steps for each print.
  • Choose your material
    Your Glowforge Personal Filter has been tested with a wide variety of Proofgrade materials, and is designed to work with all laser-compatible materials. However, some materials, like Proofgrade Draftboard or MDF, will cause your filter cartridge to fill up and require replacement much more quickly.

  • Run your print
    There is no power button on your Glowforge Personal Filter. Once it’s paired, it will run automatically when you start printing. The button on the front of your printer is a status indicator.

    When you’re ready to print, the button on the filter will blink white just like the button on your Glowforge Aura. When you push the button on your Glowforge Aura to begin the print, your Personal Filter will automatically begin filtering.

    When your print finishes, your Personal Filter will run for a few extra moments to avoid odors and prolong the life of the cartridge.

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