If Your Design is Selected for the Glowforge Catalog


Congratulations! Your design has been selected. Now we need the information to send your payments. Look for an email from us with a W-9 and instructions for how to set up the account to receive your payments. When we get that information, we’ll publish your design for purchase on the Glowforge Catalog. 

Important: We cannot publish your design or send you payments until you complete the W-9 and set up the account to receive your payments. 

About your monthly payments 

  • When you set up you set up the account to receive your payments, use the same email address as your Glowforge account email. 
  • You qualify for a monthly payment as long as you are a Glowforge Premium member and your design is available in the catalog. 
  • How much you earn for each design depends on a number of factors. For example more prints, higher ratings, and designs offered exclusively through Glowforge all increase your earnings. Since the factors are dynamic, there is no way to calculate your payment in advance.
  • Our payment terms are Net-30. That means you will receive payments for the previous month within 30 days of the start of the following month.

About your design in the catalog 

  • When we publish your design, we may use the information you provided, such as your design’s title, description, photographs, or instructions. We may modify them for formatting or quality.
  • Glowforge Premium members enjoy unlimited access to print your design. Glowforge Print members can purchase your design.
  • Your customers can sell what they make without mentioning your authorship. In addition, they can change the design before they do. 

Manage, update, or remove your designs

If you want to update or remove your design (during the submission process or after your design is available in the catalog), email support@glowforge.com. Please include your submission reference number and, if published, a link to the design in the catalog.

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