Prepare to Submit Your Design

Once you have chosen the design you want to submit, and have made sure that it meets the criteria listed in the article Choose a Design, you’re ready to prepare your design. 

Here's how to double-check that you have everything you’ll need. You will re-print your design to ensure it’s perfectly set up, and take step-by-step photos for instructions and for the final product. If your design requires assembly or other steps to complete the final project, include those as well. This way, our team (and your future customers) have everything they need to follow in your footsteps and get perfect results.

To prep your design

  1. Open your design in the app and set it up the way you want it 
      • Choose Cut, Score, or Engrave for each step. 
      • Make sure the steps print in the order you want. We suggest that you do engraves and scores first, then inside cuts before outside cuts. 
      • Make sure all the design elements are within the printable area and ready to print. (If your design takes more than one print, you’ll submit each separately and let us know to consider them together in your submission form.) 
  2. Choose a Proofgrade material and print your design using the default settings. 
      • Make a note of how long the print takes. 
      • Check that it has printed perfectly, and if not, adjust your design as needed and reprint.  
  3. If your design requires assembly, take pictures while you assemble the design. 
      • Set up a clear space with great lighting for snapping the best photos, and then use the Catalog Photography Guide to help you take some great shots.
      • As you go, take step-by-step photos and note down the instructions that go with them. Customers find detailed, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to be an integral part of a high quality design, and your instructional photos will be crucial for them to successfully put your design together.
  4. Take pictures of the final, assembled product.
    • You’ll need to submit two to five photographs of your completed print. The more photos you include, the easier it will be for us to appreciate your work. Please include these types of photos: 
      • At least one lifestyle photograph in a natural setting.
        Choose a setting that has great lighting, and provides complementary contrast with your product (for example, for a dark-colored product, find a setting with a light background). You can choose to add relevant props, but when in doubt, keep it simple.

        Triangular, lasercut diorama

      • At least one photograph with a clean, white background. To help set up your photograph on white, refer to the Catalog Photography Guide.

        Decorative, lasercut pencil holder

    • Your print should be centered and in focus in your photographs.
    • Your print should be well-lit with even lighting.
    • Your photographs should have a minimum resolution of 1024 pixels (width) by 1024 pixels (height).
  5. Write a thoughtful, captivating title and description that will help highlight your design and draw your customers’ attention.
    Your submission should include the following items
      • Print time
      • Recommended Proofgrade material(s)
      • Assembly instructions 
      • At least two photos of the finished product
      • Title 
      • Description
      • Any additional notes or instructions, for example: 
        • Additional supplies: wood glue, magnets
      • Completed Size (L x W x H) in inches
      • Any other details you’d like to include
  6. Optional:  If your design requires assembly or other steps to complete the final project, write and submit assembly instructions

When you’ve completed all the preparation steps, you’re ready to submit your design.

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