Create a Puzzle using Puzzle Maker

Want to create your own rainy day activity? With Puzzle Maker, it takes only a few minutes.

When you use Puzzle Maker, exclusive to Glowforge Premium, you can easily turn any piece of art into a puzzle with just a few clicks. Create puzzles out of engraved photos, or challenge yourself to create an original design.

Whatever design you chose, Puzzle Maker turns your design into an activity that anyone can enjoy.

A lasercut wooden puzzle

Create a puzzle

  1. Go to the Glowforge App (, and sign in.

  2. Place the material you want to use on the printer bed of your Glowforge. For best results, we recommend Proofgrade materials such as Plywood, Hardwood, Draftboard or Acrylic.

  3. On the Dashboard, open the design you want to use.

  4. In the workspace, click the artwork to select it.

  5. On the toolbar that appears on the right, click the Puzzle Maker
    A screenshot of the Puzzle Maker button in the Glowforge App.

  6. In the Puzzle Maker window, you can adjust the following settings:
    • Set the number of puzzle pieces be by changing the value of rows and columns you want.
    • Add Frame, if turned on, creates a frame and back for your puzzle. It's off by default.
    • The Keep Original Artwork setting is off by default, and your artwork will be replaced with the puzzle. If you turn this option on, the workspace will keep both the artwork and the puzzle design.

  • Click Create Puzzle.

  • Drag your puzzle into place and, if you’d like, resize it.
  • Now print and puzzle! With Puzzle Maker, you can go from idea to finished puzzle in minutes.

    Want to show the Glowforge community what you’re creating? We’d love to see. Just share on social using #glowforge so we can applaud your creation.

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