Save, Undo, Store, Export, Sort, and Search Designs

Save and Undo

When you create and edit a design in the Glowforge App, your changes are automatically and instantly saved as you make them. (No save button necessary!) If you close your browser, navigate to another page, or just hit refresh, your work will pick up right where you left off.

Here are some tips if you need to undo or start over 

  • If you make a change by mistake, you can use the Undo button in the workspace to go back to earlier versions. You can undo your changes until you close or refresh the page. 
  • Catalog designs can be reset. If you want to remove all your changes, click on the three-dot More menu, then click Design Details, and then Reset Design
  • Designs that you upload cannot be reset, but you can upload them a second time for a fresh copy.

Store, Export and Save 

If you subscribe to Glowforge Premium, you have unlimited storage for as long as your subscription remains active. 

Otherwise, designs you’ve opened within the last 30 days are stored. Keep the original file on your computer, or export and save it to your computer when your design is finished, so you don’t lose your work after 30 days. (Catalog designs you own are always stored in your Dashboard, and cannot be exported.)

In the My Designs library, when you point to a design that is nearing 30 days of inactivity and about to be removed, you will see an inactive alert. If you want to use that design in the future, you can do one or both of these things: 

  • Open the design to keep it active for another 30 days.
  • Export and save the design.  

You can also export and save designs to your computer so you can edit them in other design software, such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator.

To export and save a design

  1. Go to the Glowforge App ( and sign in.
  2. From the Dashboard, go to the My Designs library and click on the design you want to save.
  3. When the design opens, click the 3 dot More menu, and select Export Design. The design is automatically saved and downloaded to your computer as an SVG file.
  4. Optional: Open the Downloads folder on your computer and copy the design file to a location that you want.


  • When you export a design, the file includes any designs that you uploaded, images that you traced, and any artwork and graphics that you inserted using the Premium Creative tools. 
  • Your settings will be added to the saved file as readable text, too. That means when you’re ready to print it again, you can re-enter the settings from the file. This works for both Proofgrade® materials and for manual settings you’ve tuned yourself.
  • If you export catalog-based designs, those exports will include any of your own added artwork and settings, but not the original catalog design.

Sort and Search

Once you have worked with multiple designs, there will be more than can fit on one page in the Dashboard. By default, your designs are sorted by the last opened date, so that you can see your most recent prints first. 

To help find other designs you’re looking for, you can also sort designs by the last opened or created date, or search your designs by name. 

To sort or search for designs

Recent Designs

  • On the Dashboard, you will see your seven most recent designs in the middle of the page, in the Recent Design section. To see more designs, click the View All button on the right of that row. The page will refresh and display all of your designs. The order of this page can be changed by clicking the Sort By dropdown menu in the top, right corner.

My Designs

  • On the Dashboard, click the My designs link in the left sidebar menu. The page will refresh and display all of your design. The order of this page can be changed by clicking the Sort By dropdown menu in the top, right corner.

Search by Name

  • If you know the name of your design, you can enter it into the Search designs box on the left hand sidebar menu, then hit enter to search. 

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